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Our Story

Our Products Started As Gifts

Bil started working with wood in high school.  Fast forward 30 years later when he made a cutting board for a Christmas gift.  Soon others were asking him to make more boards.  All of his wood products are made from Ohio hardwoods Including, Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Oak, Poplar, Maple and Hickory.


Julie has been sewings since she was making clothes for her dolls. The mittens were a result of a ruined wool sweater.   With a little web research she found several ideas to recyle that sweater.  Now she buys wool sweaters at local thrift stores.  Each sweater is felted and cut apart.  Various sweaters are matched up to make a pair of mittens.  Each mitten is lined in polar fleece. They are the warmest mittens you will ever own!

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